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Let's see what I can learn here....

Ok so I'm a first year psychology major so I know alot of terms for my issues. I have a very strong anima that really distrupts my gender identity. I used to have very strong imaginary audience issues. Those seem to have vanished. I have alot of anxiety consistantly and I always feel jittery or like I need to be shaking or my legs bouncing. INFJ is me, with a VERY strong F making co-dependency an easy trap to fall in.

Is there also an obssession of some type that has to do with cuticles on your fingers?

I'm a heavy underachiever which I attribute to getting whatI wanted as I grew up all the time regardless of grades, and being told learning is the important thing not grades.

I've been able to hold down a 47-52 hr a week job for 6 months for very little pay to try to combat my feelings of laziness. I left because the rediculous amount of work I was doing I was still recieving tons more money from home for doing nearly nothing. I'm guessing with my high intellect I just really need a job that keeps me stimulated, which with my qualifications I'm sure is nearly impossible to find.

That should be amillion and one issues to get you started =)
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