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i was diagnosed with severe depression this summer and was told i needed at least 3 to 4 sessions of therapy a week. this was virtually impossible because i was working fulltime and taking summer classes and i had to wait to be assigned a therapist first, which took a month. so at this point, for someone who needed therapy multiple times a week, i survived 3 months having only seen this therapist 3 times. i would say my depression is somewhat controled now, but obviously the reasons for my depression are still there. and i guess by using my own psychology background, i've begun looking at myself by just taking out the facts and forgetting that they are my issues and just writing about them and venting. i blasted my ex boyfriend pretty harshly on this thing, but it felt so good to just let it out! better out then in they say! and then today i had some what of an epiphany! so i realize that i do still need my therapy. obviously outside help is best! in fact most of my reasons for being depressed are because things would happen and i would blame myself and then i would have all these issues going in my head and stressors, but i would never ask for help. going to a therapist was a very big step for me. i just hope i can get to have sessions more then just once a month. but at least now i know i can check in here and get support. i've joined some other communities on LJ that i feel will help me too. right now, i just need to feel like i have strength and support behind me.
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