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strange advice...

so i finally saw my therapist after a month... but it was good to see her. i think i may have made some progress even though i did have a setback. but anyways, most of my issues revolve around this ex that cheated on me. and i had no problem being angry and walking away, but i can't get over him. something btw him and i is just unresolved and i was explaining this to my therapist. and my ex has this quality of showing up in my life again over and over after months of us not seeing or speaking to one another. so, it seems like he and i both share this attraction or obsession (not even sure what to call it and i don't wanna say it's love...) but my therapist suggested that maybe i do need to have a few more rounds with this ex, but she warned me to be careful as she doesn't want me getting hurt... i just don't know. i did just see him last week, (that would be my setback) but i don't know whether it made me weaker or stronger becuz after everything happened with him, i freaked and told him i couldn't see him anymore etc... i just thought it was odd that my therapist suggested this. and our session time ran out, so i didn't really get to find out why... i don't know, maybe for me, this is the one guy i haven't conquered and i know i'm the one girl he hasn't conquered... i mean neither of us budge when it comes to our stubborness... i guess i'll wait and see what happens and find out more from my therapist during our next session.
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