Samantha (charmedlibra) wrote in freetherapy,

No more meds!

I just wanted to say that it's official!!! I have weend my self off of both my meds (with the help of my psychiatrist).

It feels great and terrible at the same time. I feel great all day long, it's the nighttime that's the terrible part. I have been off my meds for about 3 days now and last night was the first time I actually had a good night's sleep, however I did not expect to be awake at 4am. I think the lack of my anti-anxiety medication is keeping me from having good sleep. I was on both an anti-anxiety (Klonopin) and an anti-depression (Celexa) but the Celexa also had anti-anxiety properties in it so when I went off the Celexa insomnia has been the result.

Hopefully my body will get used to this quickly and balance out and allow me to sleep like a normal person, but in the mean time I may be making some random 4am posts on Livejournal (communities or my own journal).
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